Street Hockey Pioneers

In 1970, Raymond W. Leclerc had a vision of an entirely new sport… ice hockey played without ice. As a result of this vision, Mylec was formed in Winchendon MA, and have been the pioneers of street hockey since. Mylec created the first ever “No-Bounce” ball, the first plastic-bladed stick and the first plastic playing surface. Mylec also established the first set of playing rules, that were adopted by up and coming rinks around the United States and Canada.

With a great deal of success, Mr. Leclerc happily sold the company to Ricky Laperriere in 2005. Mr. Laperriere then built a brand new headquarters and manufacturing plant down the road in Winchendon, MA to embrace the growth of the company. Today, with a line-up full of professional hockey player endorsers, Mylec is excited to add Henrik Zetterberg to its roster with a new line of quality products that provide hours of hockey fun for all ages! Mylec not only offers a wide range of products for street, roller and ice hockey, but is also the headquarters for the American Street Hockey Institute (ASHI). ASHI is the recognized governing body for all street, dek and ball hockey in the United States.

The number one brand in street hockey- Mylec