mk5-gloves MK5 Pro Glove

A classic fitting glove to mirror the styles of a traditional 3-Roll on-ice player glove. This lightweight & breathable performance material along with an articulated 3-piece thumb and an additional 2-piece leather palm with a gel overlay to enhance the grip will give you the feel of playing on the ice with the technology to be an elite performing off-ice glove.

  • Traditional 3-roll design
  • Lightweight, breathable performance materials
  • 2-piece leather palm with M-GRIP technology to enhance grip
  • Articulated 3-piece thumb
mk5-shinsMK5 Shin Pad

A modern style shin pad that is form fitting to the shin and knee to enhance the ability of movement and protection throughout all aspects of the game. It features a lightweight & breather material along with a perforated plastic along with 3 wide 360°  elastic straps to keep the shin pad stable and solid fitting, as well as an adjustable knee protection and additional metatarsal protection to give you the best protection for shin and knee coverage to help you perform at the highest levels.

  • Knees and shins perforated molds for light and breathable protection
  • 3 adjustable elastic bands 360 for a stable and solid fit
  • Foam-rubber for calves protection
  • Metatarsal protection
  • Adjustable knee protection
mk5-shinsMK5 Backpack

The MK5 backpack is a great option for any player to looking to easily carry their equipment to and from the rink. The backpack features one large “U” shaped pocket with a heavy-duty zipper which has the space to fit all your protective gear, along with another front facing “U” shaped pocket to hold additional accessories. Two mesh side pockets to hold your other gear like water bottles or Mylec hockey balls. Lastly two wide width, heavy duty adjustable shoulder straps to allow a comfortable feel while holding all your gear.